Meet Hayley – Marketing Assistant at TILE junket, Geelong West

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To many I’m known as the one with creative flair, with an artistic eye and talent for graphic design.  You’ll find me behind the glare of my laptop, with a cup of tea and ready for a challenge.

During the past two weeks I have interviewed the TILE junket team providing an insight on what makes them tick and their inspirations. Today it’s all about me, time to talk about myself (that my mum would say is an easy task) and share with you a taste of working with the BEST TEAM in the world (ha that will get me brownie points) at TILE junket.  Meet Hayley, aka me… Read More

Meet Jean – Showroom Administrator at TILE junket, Geelong West

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What are we going to do without Jean?!  Jean aka Genius, is in fact leaving us soon – why, because her fiancé is whisking her away interstate to live happily ever after.

Jean has a wealth of experience at the TILE junket showroom, from assisting in Concept Consult appointments, preparing quotes, supplier liaison and she does it well.  Jean’s quiet nature is not to be underestimated – she is passionate and head strong, has a Bachelor in Design (Architecture), with a creative yet methodical mind.  It is with great pleasure I introduce Jean… Read More

Meet Pat – Director at TILE junket… and master of ‘getting it done’ – boom!

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He’s the dude with the top knot, coffee in hand and a story to tell from the previous weekend – I live vicariously through him.

His name is Patrick Sgro.  Challenging, motivating and inspiring the team is what he thrives on, he has this talent of answering your question with a question so you answer it for yourself – sound confusing; it’s his way of getting the best from you.

With a passion for learning – he’s a funnel of knowledge and one can only be inspired by his enthusiasm.  Above all he has a clear vision and dream for TILE junket, one that I am personally excited to be a part of.

Without further ado, meet Pat… Read More

Meet Chris – Interior Decorator at TILE junket, Geelong West

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You need tiles right?  Have you considered you room layout, aesthetics, paint colours and cabinetry?  Don’t fret, meet Chris!

Currently building her home in Ocean Grove with builder husband Mark, Chris Wheeler, Interior Decorator, formally a client of TILE junket now team member, wants to help you make the best decisions for your building and renovating projects.  Her experience in kitchen and bathroom design coupled with a friendly, easy going approach will have you at ease and feeling confident with your selection. Read More

Meet Sonia – The Hostess with the Mostess, TILE junket’s Customer Relations Specialist

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The youngest of four, Sonia know’s how to handle her brothers, perhaps lesson’s learnt well from their mum, yes, I’m sure of it.  Girls rule and Sonia does it superbly!

Now, this chick get’s it done… and with a smile.  Her bubbly personality and ability to manage staff and customers is second to none.  Her name is Sonia Ruffin, the youngest of four siblings that make the TILE junket family.  Only recently has she rejoined the family business, and wow am I glad she got the job!  A truly great chick who makes all welcome when visiting our showroom and nothing is too much trouble.

Let me introduce Sonia, aka Son, Sonny and Sis… Read More

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