Landscaping The Smart Way: Inspiration Gallery

Garden looking sad? Flower beds overrun? Uninspiring BBQ area?

Never fear – inspiration gallery is here!

The weather is getting warmer and soon enough you’ll be wanting to enjoy that outdoor space. Time to make sure it’s ready

Landscaping hit list

Before we get to the gallery here are a few items to be on the lookout for…

  • Entry – welcome yourself home every night (your guest will enjoy too)

  • BBQ – give the men something to look at while they stand around and work the grill (no I’m not being sexist – it just seems to be what happens)

  • Plants – pick a style and stick to it. Remove everything that doesn’t suit. (If you’re not sure best get a professional in, it won’t cost much but will be well worth it)

  • Feature – be careful of tacky features in your outdoor space (that said the right kind of feature can really look great)

  • Sunset or Sunrise? – figure out what time of day your space is most fun and make a few decisions around that (it will make for a much better experience)

Ok, here we go. Enjoy!

All pics are stuck to at least on of the Pinterest boards, check them all out here 🙂 

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