Spring Clean Your Renovation List! 6 Things Most People Don’t Think About

Been thinking about renovating during Winter? Well Spring has sprung and what better time to clean, tidy and prepare for new things. And by new things I mean bathroom upgrades!

That’s right yes you could go the simple rout and just throw a fresh coat of seasonal paint over the walls – but why not take things a little further – and make a space you will enjoy more!

Why only renovate when you have to?

We see it all the time. People come to us for help because something went wrong and now there is water damage. And this is understandable. However – most of the time these same customers realise just how different tiles and bathrooms are now – and can’t wait to get their new bathroom installed. A nice space makes your days better, it’s simple really. So, we think why wait? Yes you could take an overpriced holiday to Bali for a few weeks – or you could resist and instead upgrade your mornings for the next 2 years by re-doing your ensuite.

6 Simple things to consider

We find ourselves mentioning these things to clients when they come in looking for tiles. Often we hear that they hadn’t even thought of these, so here they are.

1. Replace small windows and let the glorious natural light shine in


2. Upgrade your shower to a luxury sized 1.5 or even double


3. Shop around for a shower head fitting that makes your mornings revitalizing and your evenings relaxing


4. Go for over-sized with your shower shelf / niche


5. Consider colour decor, greenery or some art





6. Heated towel rail (or a well positioned heater & regular towel rail)


Bring on Spring in Victoria.

Bring on sunshine at brunch. Bring on warmer weather. Get some fun in before the silly season. Oh my it’s almost Christmas again…


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