4 Things Tilers Don’t Want You To Know

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While it’s no surprise that there are some “interesting” trades’ people out there in the big wide world, here at TILE junket we specialise in all things tiles. Over the years we have met a lot – a whole lot – of one very specific type of tradie: the tiler.

Coming from a family of tilers, you hear all kinds of stories and you learn a few things over the years about what makes someone a good tiler – or not so good – and also what the tell-tale signs of both are.

So here are a few insights that may help you a) avoid disaster and b) get a great result.


1) Discuss budget first

Of course it would be amazing if all the trades’ people we engage actually have our budget and hard earned savings in mind – in reality, this is often not the case.  The finished project in the tilers mind might look a fair amount different than it does in your mind.

RED FLAG: Tiler giving you the facial expressions and body language that this is going to be expensive? 

HOT TIP: The right tiler will pretty quickly figure out what you are trying to achieve, and suggest options that fit into your budget. If what you want is truly not possible within your budget the right tiler will work with you – not make you feel silly.


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2) Some tilers will break a lot of your tiles – tiles that you have to pay for

While it’s completely normal to have ‘wastage’ on the tile project (after all no tiles will ever fit perfectly) a tiler can actually save a lot of time by simply being lazy – laziness that is paid for with your cheque book.

RED FLAG: Messy piles of cut tiles, many of which are large off-cuts.  Even worse – no sign of any off-cuts. This normally means that the tiler has already ‘cleaned up’ the evidence. 

HOT TIP: A good tiler will use the cuts and off cuts wherever possible.  You can see this easily by the piles of cut tiles that will grow as the job goes on – and then watch as they are skilfully re-purposed later in the project


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3) Cut all the corners

Preparation work can be hidden or skipped by a tiler (but you will end up paying for it anyway). Don’t be tight – if the floor needs leveling, get it done or pay the price later

RED FLAG: you get a few quotes and one particular quote doesn’t mention floor preparation/self leveling. What this means is that the tiler is going to attempt to use extra adhesive on each tile – meaning it will probably take longer for the project, and you may even get slogged with and extra charge at the end of the project because of all the extra bags of adhesive that were required.

HOT TIP: If the tiler brings a spirit level to quote up your job this means he will be well aware of any potential costly pit-falls.


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4) It’s someone else’s fault!

We can all appreciate that other people’s actions and workmanship can affect the finished project – and the tiler has a real challenge on their hands because almost ALL the other trades have been on the project previously and there have been plenty of opportunities for someone to make the job of tiling unnecessarily difficult.  However tiling is a finishing trade – so it goes without saying that the finished job should look great WITHOUT costing you an extra fortune.

RED FLAG: Verbally pointing out other trades work as problems.  If the tiler is simply allowing for them this is good.  Just be wary if it is being made into a big deal.

HOT TIP: During the quote process and while engaging your trades, be sure to clarify that you intend to give them responsibility for their own work, and the finished result.  You will know pretty quickly once you meet resistance – but you also will be filled with confidence once you find like minded people who understand that you are trusting them with your project.


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Our Say

Hopefully the tiler you select takes pride in their work, is reliable and is happy to work within your budget.  When we hear about disaster stories between clients and their tiler often the drama can be traced back to the quoting process.  Maybe the tiler left something important off the quote – or maybe the client simply didn’t ask the right questions.

Follow these few tips and guidlines here and you should be on your way to find the right trades person.  However, if you are still stuck just give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.


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