How The Rich & Famous Do ‘Home Sweet Home’

Jennifer Aniston collaborated with designer Stephen Shadley to transform a 1970 residence by Harold W. Levitt in Beverly Hills into an inviting retreat where she hosts frequent gatherings. “The making of the house was as significant to me as the living in it,” says the former Friends star.

Just because, let’s take a peek inside and check out how the other half live…

Some of these places are absolutely ridiculous.

However, they are fun to look at.

Interesting too is how boatloads of money doesn’t automatically mean boatloads of style. Ouch – sorry – but true!

Each to their own.

Buying and selling at will some of these are still current – but of course some have moved into other hands. See if you can guess which ones.

Some of these are stunning. Some not so much. What’s your fav? Enjoy.


All pics shown here and more are stuck to this Pinterest board. Thank you social media, thank you.

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