Meet Jean – Showroom Administrator at TILE junket, Geelong West

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What are we going to do without Jean?!  Jean aka Genius, is in fact leaving us soon – why, because her fiancé is whisking her away interstate to live happily ever after.

Jean has a wealth of experience at the TILE junket showroom, from assisting in Concept Consult appointments, preparing quotes, supplier liaison and she does it well.  Jean’s quiet nature is not to be underestimated – she is passionate and head strong, has a Bachelor in Design (Architecture), with a creative yet methodical mind.  It is with great pleasure I introduce Jean…

Tell us a bit about your background – what path led you to joining the TILE junket team?

I was studying architecture at Deakin Uni and was looking for a part time job.  I wanted something in the construction industry; the focus on good design and exceptional products really drew me to TILE junket (formally Suregrip Ceramics).  Currently, I’ve finished my Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and I’m having a gap year before I start my Masters of Architecture.


Above:  A glimpse into the TILE junket showroom

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

My days are all different, which keeps things interesting.  Some days can be nothing but quotes; others are spent helping out the designers in Concept Consult appointments.  There are days I might do nothing but code new stock, which is always exciting because it means I’m the first to see our fantastic new products!  Mostly there is a mix of all those things, plus any orders and freight that needs to be sorted out.
I also seem to complain about the radio a lot…

full ensuite

Above:  Local project in Portarlington, result of the complimentary Concept Consult service in our showroom

What do you enjoy the most about design?

I enjoy the variety.  I don’t think I have any set ‘style’, I’m a little too changeable to stick to any particular idea for very long.  I like parts of different styles, just as I don’t like plenty of other parts.  What I love about design is the ability to make that idea your own.  There are plenty of times when I’ve seen something that I wouldn’t have liked, but absolutely love because it suits that other person so much.

What is unique to TILE junket, what do you think sets the showroom apart from others in a similar industry?

How much we care about our client’s projects!  I think I get a little too excited when I find out a client is using ‘those’ tiles, because they would look amazing together, I love seeing customers daring to be different.  I know everyone else in the team shares my excitement.  We love seeing the completed project, almost as much as we would if it were our own home.


Above:  Local project in Manifold Heights – Concept Consult tile selection: white subway tiles with honed bluestone

Who or what inspires you in your every day life?

The little things.
I’m very easily distracted.  I find these distractions tend to lead me to a new project of some description, but also means I tend to be a little vague and a bit of a day-dreamer.  I might notice an interestingly coloured packet in a supermarket aisle, and before you know it I’ve designed an entire room in my head painted in that shade of orange and completely forgotten why I’m even in the supermarket.  I’m inspired by little things, but they tend to spiral into big ideas without a lot of effort.

What are you looking forward to?

Getting married!  I’m getting married and moving to Perth in a couple of months.  It’s very exciting, and a little bit daunting.  Mostly exciting though!

Jean will be with the TILE junket team until mid November 2014, and then there will be some very big shoes to fill.

By Hayley Norman

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