11 Tips for a Light & Airy Bathroom (PLUS Inspiration Gallery)

Beautiful Airy Bathroom

Feel like you’re crawling into a cave every morning for your daily cleansing ritual?

For your next bathroom renovation you need to know this.

Or share with your friend who’s been talking about that new bathroom they want 😉

1. Keep it off the floor

If you can see the floor, the room will feel airy, and open. Think:

  • Pedestal baths
  • Pedestal basins
  • Hung vanity
  • Wall hunk toilet unit
  • Wall mounted storage
  • Storage recessed into the wall!



2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors make great features – and you get the extra benefit of bouncing more light around the wall. If you’re not able to put wall to wall mirrors in – also consider the vanity to ceiling option, and make it the exact width of the vanity. Very nice, clean lines. If you simply don’t want that much mirror surface – not a problem.

  • Pick a shape, and find a few in that format.
  • Plan the feature so that none of the mirrors are at exact eye height.
  • Arrange and hang.
  • Enjoy the benefits of light bouncing and a larger feeling room without all those eyes looking back at you 😉



3. Frame-less Shower Screen

This one is often overlooked – although very simple. The main reason is cost – people look at the cost of the shower screens and make their decision without realizing the impact that it will have on the overall feel of the bathroom. Our opinion is this: If the budget allows for it (and unless you have a ‘thing’ for the frames) then go frame-less. They always look good, and give a fantastic airy, open feeling to any bathroom.



4. Natural Light

Got a wall that the sun shines on? Break a hole in it and let that glorious light in! Never underestimate the huge impact that natural light will do not only to the feel of the room – but your mood when you walk out of the room too. 🙂



5. Bold, Patterned and Brass – but go to the ceiling

This is all about creating height in the room. The suspended wash basin and all that shiny brass – bouncing light of all the surfaces. A simple subway to canvas the whole surface is a nice touch too.



6. Dark down low – lighter as you move up

This bathroom has all kinds of things going on if you take a good look at it, but they have done their best to keep it feeling open, and airy.

Consider the:



7. Smart use of down-lighting

Take a look above. The down-lights are ‘highlighting’ all the ‘space’ in the room. Again, we see the reoccurring wall hung vanity, and nice big mirror – but this time check out the shadow-line created by the bath surround. Smart.




Enough said.



9. Bounce that light

Yes this looks like a crazy expensive wall and a stunning round bath – but just look at all that light bouncing around.



10. Make your own bath

That’s right, take a serious piece of glass and have your builder, plumber and tiler figure out how to do this.



11. Smart design from the very beginning

Sometimes it’s not that simple. Weird shaped rooms, windows where you don’t want them. The most important thing to remember when you have a weird shaped room, or elements that you cant control is to make a point of discussing this with each person who helps you. Every professional you talk to (and every decision you make) ensure that you don’t let go of your desire to have a ‘light and airy’ bathroom.

Your future self will thank you.

Every morning when you head out to start your day you will feel just that little bit more refreshed and relaxed. The feeling of being a cave dweller will leave you and life will be better.

Here are a couple of other pics i’ve rounded up that help describe the important elements that go into creating ‘space’ and ‘light & airy’ – can you tell what example is in each one?






All images graciously sourced through Pinterest click here to see the full board


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