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To many I’m known as the one with creative flair, with an artistic eye and talent for graphic design.  You’ll find me behind the glare of my laptop, with a cup of tea and ready for a challenge.

During the past two weeks I have interviewed the TILE junket team providing an insight on what makes them tick and their inspirations. Today it’s all about me, time to talk about myself (that my mum would say is an easy task) and share with you a taste of working with the BEST TEAM in the world (ha that will get me brownie points) at TILE junket.  Meet Hayley, aka me…

Tell us a bit about your background – what path led you to joining the TILE junket team?

When one door closes, another opens – well it was in my case.  Having worked in administration and marketing with an accounting firm for 12 years, life suddenly threw me a curve ball and I was seeking new employment.  I launched my online graphic art business, applied for a handful of jobs and crossed my fingers hoping for the best.  With a keen interest in design, I had my heart set on the position of PA to the Interior Designer at TILE junket (formally Suregrip Ceramics).  I was bummed when I missed out on the job, but a twist of fate came into play and I was offered the position of Marketing Assistant instead!

It has been an extremely rewarding experience working at TILE junket.  With fabulous mentors and having the opportunity to use my creativity whilst learning is a dream.  My friends laugh when I get asked what I do for work, they say “oh she doesn’t work, she plays and has fun” – and I wish that for everyone, do what you love.

What does a typical day at work for you involve?

There is no typical day which is what makes it so enjoyable!  The past few months have seen me working on our re-brand, online marketing, social media and at this very minute blogging; creating content for our website.  Just as the business evolves, so does my role.  It’s exciting to have a direct impact on the growth of the business and know my contribution is making a difference.


Above:  Celebrating Hayley’s birthday with cup cakes

What is unique to TILE junket, what do you think sets the showroom apart from others in a similar industry?

Our showroom promotes an enjoyable experience, an experience that is about you, your project and not about pushing sales down your throat.  This is just as important to us as is the quality and unique products we showcase.  We are genuinely interested in the customer’s project and dedicated to achieving a winning result.  The guys will even visit you onsite to assist with measurements, and the design team are thrilled to see photos of the finished result.

From my experience in building homes, to have the feeling of confidence in your hard surface selection is priceless.  The Concept Consult is the ultimate value in my opinion.  Free interior design assistance to select concepts for your space with no obligation to buy.  It’s hard for some to understand there is no catch, and I can promise you there isn’t.  We find the majority of customers who experience the Concept Consult love their selection that they not only purchase our tiles, but they rave about it to their friends.  It’s a win/win scenario.


Above:  Hayley designs brochures for the showroom inhouse

Who or what inspires you in every day life?

Creatively and design wise I’m loving geometric and pattern at the moment so you will see this in my graphic designs.  Design a little ‘left of center’ inspires me and I love creative use of typography.

Life in general, I admire people who have been faced with adversity and rise with resilience.  I am inspired by those who have achieved their dreams or amazing heights through their passion and desire to do what they love.  I get a kick out of hearing stories about creative entrepreneurs who are winning at what they do – this makes me focus on my goals.  I want to have my own success story, and at the age of 32 I know the best is yet to come.



Above:  Typography inspiration print concept by Hayley, Quirky Birdie Designs

What are you looking forward to?

Seeing this baby fly – the re-brand and direction of the business is exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing the people of Geelong jump of board and experience the difference TILE junket has to offer.

We also have renovations in the pipeline for the stone showroom with talks of an outdoor area, pizza oven and consult room.

Personally I am looking forward to refining my graphic art business, Quirky Birdie Designs, studying, a family holiday next year and whatever new opportunities and challenges arrive at my door.

By Hayley Norman

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