10 Tips to make your Bathroom look Bigger

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Big isn’t always better.  Smart design and styling can make a small space work well – in a BIG way!

Your bathroom may be a tad on the tiny side, but let’s face it, it’s the space you have to work with and it can ‘work’.  Interior designers use design tricks to create illusions of more space and so can you.  Here are some tips you can implement to achieve a successful, functional small bathroom.

1. Keep your Wall Colours Light

Select paint and tiles from a light colour palette.  White is the ideal shade to make a room appear bigger, but you can play on this with textures and varying shades.  Keep the wall paint and tiles similar colour and contrast to unify your room.  Dark walls will enclose your room and defined contrasts will draw a halt to the eyes movement making the space appear small.

light bathroom

Above:  Image via Pinterest

2. Make it Seamless

Frameless glass showers minimise visual barriers and in-situ shower bases create a seamless floor space, making your bathroom feel larger.


Above:  Image via Pinterest

3. Natural Light

Taking advantage of natural light will open up your bathroom.  Leaving windows uncovered when privacy is not required will create a sense of depth in a small space.  Install skylights or if there is limited access to natural light in your bathroom, clever lighting can be installed to give the same effect.

nat light

Above:  Let the light in, image via Pinterest


Above:  The light from above, sky-lighting.  Chris and Jenna’s bathroom on The Block, image via Pinterest.


Above:  Image via Pinterest

4. Use Movement

Creating movement with tile patterns is a great way to enhance the size of your bathroom.  Tiles laid in the herringbone pattern attract the eye to the width of the ‘v’ and can make the room feel wider.


Above:  Herringbone floor pattern carried through into the shower, image via Pinterest

5. The Mirror Effect

The larger the mirror the better!  Floor to ceiling mirrors, yes!!!  The reflection of a mirror will always make a small area feel bigger.  Avoid using double mirrors over vanities as this will interrupt the visual transition.


Above:  Two tone mirror, image via Pinterest

6. Keep it Simple

De-clutter and refer to the characteristics of creating a modern minimal interior, keep it functional and clean.


Above:  Minimal bathroom, image via Pinterest

7. Conceal it

In a small ensuite, increase space by installing a toilet with a concealed cistern – practical and attractive.


Above:  Image via Pinterest

8. Recess cabinetry and storage

Storage can be recessed into walls and concealed behind mirrors or sliding doors.  A recessed vanity/cabinetry will provide a streamlined look and take up less floor space.  Use niches for wall shelving and in showers.


Above:  Image via Pinterest


Above:  Darren & Dee’s ensuite from The Block 2014, shower niche, image via Pinterest


Above:  Image via Pinterest

9. Raise the Ceilings

If you can, increase your ceiling height.  If you can’t literally increase your ceiling height, tile to the ceiling, this will expand how high your ceilings look.


Above:  Image via Pinterest


Above:  Tile to the ceiling, image via Pinterest

10. Wall mounted sinks and vanities

Free up floor space with the use of a wall mounted sink or create the look of more space with a wall mounted floating vanity.


Above:  Recessed floating vanity, image via Pinterest

Implementing these designs tips will set you in the right direction to creating a visually larger bathroom to enjoy, add value to your home and lifestyle.

By Hayley Norman

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