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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – learn the key elements of styling a modern minimalist interior with tips from TILE junket’s Interior Designer, Tracy Caporusso.

The modern minimalist interior is one free of clutter and includes only the essential required elements.  Characterised by clean lines, simple architecture and open space, the modern minimalist look is one influenced by traditional Japanese design including the Zen philosophy and the artistic movement in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Furniture and accessories only form part of a modern minimal interior if it has function or valuable artistic appeal.  You can relate the modern minimal style to Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Tracy, Interior Designer, has collated examples of the quintessential modern minimalist space to help you create this look.


High gloss white finishes and black matt wall tiles give this black and white bathroom the “modern minimalist” look.  Image via Pinterest


The simplicity of this bathroom is such a clean way to pull off the modern minimalist look.  Taupe tiles, plain white walls and the architecture.  Image via Pinterest


Bluestone tiled flooring and exposed concrete walls with a simple clean modular make this sleek lounge room extremely modern – minimally.  Image via Pinterest


Grey washed floor tiles, concrete washed walls, white tub, meet the black, white, & grey hue standards for a modern minimalist space.  Images via Pinterest


WHITE.  How heavenly is this minimal space?!  Large white floor tiles, white walls, and high gloss cabinetry, make this dreamy modern kitchen a modern minimalist space.  Image via Pinterest


High ceilings and large windows provide open space, natural light and a beautiful view.  Image via Pinterest


Raked ceilings encourage movement of natural light throughout a home revealing clean lines and spaces.  Image via Pinterest


Incorporating concealed storage provides a functional and aesthetically modern minimal space.  Image via Pinterest


Refer to Japanese architecture when designing your modern minimal space.  Image via Pinterest

When designing or styling a Modern Minimalist interior, adhere to the motto “Less is more”.  It can take some skill and restraint to create this look, but when done well, the result is aesthetically beautiful.

By Hayley Norman

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