6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

It seems the question on every customers mind is how can we make our bathroom ‘seem bigger’ than it actually is. Of course nobody really wants to start their day off feeling like they are showering in a small, dark cave. If you are in the process of putting together a renovation plan right now then be sure to sneak in a few of these design ideas and give your space… some space.

1) Remove Different Coloured Elements

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Anything that breaks up the flow of the room can ‘close it in’.  An example of this could be to swap the pre-formed shower base and run the floor tiles into the shower.  This will allow better flow and also open up your options regarding your shower screen selection.

2) Clear The Floor

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It may not seem like you’re saving much space but choosing wall hung cabinetry will make a big difference to the overall feel of the space.  Think about your feet not bumping into anything – this gives such a great feeling of spaciousness. Also you will have a little out-of-site storage for bathroom items scales/rubbish bin/pet-cat etc.

3) Employ Smart Shelving/Storage

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Anything that reclaims space from the wall cavities will work in your favor. Think about those shaving cabinets hidden behind the mirror – brilliant.  For inside the shower a well planned ‘shower shelf’ or ‘niche’ will remove all the clutter that can gather inside the shower with shampoo bottles etc.

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Tip: Speak to your tradesperson to make the shelf as big as practical, the wider and taller the better.  This will minimise shadow lines, allow more air to circulate preventing potential mold issues and also – why not have a little extra luxury…

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4) Get Rid of the Laundry Baskets

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This one is fantastic if your bathroom is physically next to your laundry, but if so why not consider a laundry chute? A little bit out of the box sure, but everyone we speak to who has a laundry chute says it is brilliant and wonders why they didn’t install it earlier.  If you don’t have a bathroom and laundry sharing the same wall also consider reclaiming some other unused space like a cupboard or linen press.

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5) Light it up

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Get creative with your lighting.  Having plenty of light – and light from multiple directions – can go a long way.  Visit your local lighting store and get some advice that will suit your space.  Another thing to look at are your windows (or lack of).  Can they be changed, or made larger?  What about internal windows?  Many people don’t realise the impact that a long narrow window flush with the ceiling can have to the spaciousness of any room.

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6) Lines – Use them to your advantage

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Your bathroom will have many lines – grout lines, mirror edges, shower screens etc.  Think about the shape of your tiles and try run the lines in the direction that you would like the eye to follow – think about a pin-strip suit and how it tricks the viewer into thinking that the person inside the suit is slimmer and taller.  Well, same principle applies here.  Got tall ceilings? Well then why not accentuate them by running the tile lines up the wall.  Got a long narrow room?  Make it look even more expansive by running the lines horizontal.  Tile size and shape can play to your advantage here so speak with your design adviser about options.

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