Take the guesswork out of your tile project & plan ahead – Set your Design Brief

In our previous blog post ‘Working with a Design Brief’, we highlighted the benefits of clarifying your project vision and using a designer.

Designers consider important factors that will influence the outcome of your project and without their involvement,  elements may be overlooked and miss the mark on your desired result.  That’s why we’re here, assisting you create your dream space with confidence.

Your design brief is essentially the requirements and aspirations you have for your project and we suggest a little preparation to get started.

The designer’s objective is to create what you want, not imposing their own tastes and assumptions, so it is important to provide as much information as possible about your project to achieve your vision – with some guidance.

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Above:  Tiles available at the TILE junket showroom, image via Pinterest


Know your budget, this will guide the designer in the right direction with no surprises down the track upon quoting.


Floor plans are ideal.  They provide an overall view for the designer to work to and remove any guesswork.  Alternatively, accurate measurements are required for quoting and ordering purposes.


What are you keeping?  Are you working with an existing style, colour or particular element which needs to work cohesively with your design?


Above: Bathroom renovation in Newtown, result of TILE junket’s CONCEPT CONSULT service

Style & Colours

Do you have a style you would like to adhere to?  Is there a colour palette you particularly want to use?  Colour swatches of existing or selected paint, laminate, stone and carpet are valuable to the selection process.

The Space

What is the function of the area?  What do you want to achieve with the space?  Is it a high foot traffic area?  Do you want the illusion of more space?  Do you have adjoining rooms or outdoors to consider?  Answers to these questions will impact your selection.


The function, practicality and the style of your space will help determine your tile finish.  Give some consideration to this and the designer will guide you to the best solution suited to you.


Above:  Matt finish tiles are on trend & practical for bathrooms, Brad & Dale’s bathroom from The Block, image via Pinterest


Will there be a feature in your space?  Are the tiles to be your feature?  Perhaps a deep freestanding bath is the focal point in your project.


Above:  Feature floor tiles, image via Pinterest

Project Orientation

North, South, East West – the orientation of your room/project and windows will be considered by your designer when selecting colours.


Sometimes it’s easier for customers to communicate their ideas visually. Magazine clippings, Pinterest boards, project journals are all encouraged to relay your vision to the designer.


Above:  Be inspired on Pinterest, Victorian residence renovation in Kew, Victoria, Australia | by Canny Design

Time frame

What is your time frame?  If selecting tiles with our showroom, we can confirm stock levels upon quoting, however we cannot control supply and demand and you do not want to miss out on your desired selection.  We can store your order until required (some we have for 12 months), also this way if your tiler needs them quicker than estimated, they’re available.  Remember, if your floor plans change, advise if extra stock is required.

Now you have the fundamentals of creating your design brief, I leave you with this quote: “the way to get ahead is getting started” – Be inspired and happy designing.

By Hayley Norman

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