Achieve the Best Result for your Tile Project – Working with a Design Brief

Working with a design brief enables a successful result that meets the client’s requirements for their dream space.  But who is the best to fulfill the brief – at TILE junket we say entrust the professionals – our Design Team.

In an industry that beckons design to be incorporated within the sales consultant role, often the reality is far removed from the ideal.  More and more we are becoming aware of the benefits of stylish design choices and professional help.  Having a qualified Design Team in-house is a very available asset and needs to be recognised for its enormous benefits.


Above:  Patricia Urquiola tiles available in the TILE junket showroom 600 x 600, image via Pinterest

Let’s face it, tiles are a very permanent feature, once chosen they define the style, value and age of the home.  Even the final value can be altered by having a Designer contribute to your final tile choices.  Tiles are seldom replaced for many years and are an expensive part of the build.  They can literally add thousands of dollars of value to your home or quickly devalue it.

Cerdomus 2

Above:  Herringbone floor tile pattern, think outside the square, image via Pinterest

Visiting a tile store is not an everyday occurrence.  Let’s face it, when was the last time you just walked into a tile store to just browse?  If you do visit a store, it is generally for a specific task.  Knowing staff are professionally trained is an enormous plus and this leads us to ask the question “Why use a design brief”?

A design brief is generally used within a professional perimeter.  It defines what the client requires on the project.  TILE junket excels at raising the bar to accommodate the client’s vision.  Asking the correct questions in the initial consultation leads to trust and clarity of the projects requirements.  This does not have to be an entire house full of tiles, just a kitchen splashback demands a brief.

Tangina Geometric

Above:  Give your space the designer edge with patterned tiles, image via Pinterest

I see a design brief as a two way street.  It can define the job perimeters but is useless unless the person decoding the brief has the expertise to not only meet the requirements, but interpret it to an inch of its life.  Tough call?  Not really when you are spending thousands of dollars to make a permanent impression in your most valuable asset, your home.  My favourite quote to my clients is “You only tile once, so make sure you get it right the first time.”


Cerdomus 3

Above: Consider all your options – timber look ceramic tiles provide a durable & low maintenance solution.  Image via Pinterest

What could you want more as a client than to have a professional designer climb into your head, see your vision (design brief) and then comb their expertise in the industry and lay their finger on your dream?  And the cost you ask?  At TILE junket we are so dedicated to meeting your brief that we don’t charge for this service (Concept Consult).  I can go one further.  How about extending that vision to a greater outcome that not only interprets your vision but implements it on to another level?  Tiles that make this industry stand to attention are available and we aim to have a continuous supply of amazing tile choices.  We have access to world class designs that showcase style that is not about being noticed but being remembered.  So keep that in mind with your next project.  Clarify your design brief and climb that step of making a wise choice that you will benefit from for years to come.

By Paulina Bird

TILE junket showcases the best tile and stone products from around the world right here in Geelong.  For the best possible results for your tile project, book a complimentary CONCEPT CONSULT today.  Do it right the first time.


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