Meet Tracy – Interior Designer at TILE junket, Geelong West

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Tracy Caporusso joins TILE junket – get to know our team & what inspires us.

Deciding on the best tiles for your bathroom, kitchen and home in general can be somewhat, an overwhelming experience.  Not sure where to start, what colour scheme to choose, hey you might like white, but is it practical for your lifestyle.  You might be after a dark dramatic space, but have you considered it’s impact on the orientation or aesthetics of the room?  These are elements a design professional will naturally consider when designing a space.

The design team at TILE junket has you covered.  There is no room for hindsight here, just an enjoyable experience.

Last month, Interior Designer, Tracy Caporusso joined the team at TILE junket straight from the city that never sleeps, New York.

Grab your cuppa, and let’s chat to Tracy…

Tell us a little bit about your background – What path led you to becoming an Interior Designer?

I have loved Interior Design since I was a kid.  I loved playing with Barbie dolls, purely for the purpose of building them their dream home out of cardboard boxes and a hot glue gun.  Instead of studying interior design, though, I ended up attending a university to study business. It wasn’t until I was finished earning a degree in Business Administration that I thought to myself, what next?  Instead of going ahead to earn a higher degree in business, I dived back into school, starting from the bottom to earn a degree in interior design.  From day one, I was in love, and there is no turning back for me now.  With Pinterest, Houzz, and HGTV as my bibles, I am happy to say I am doing what I love to do.

What has been your experience in the Industry?

For the past two years I have been working with a very prestigious interior design firm J. Mark Interiors Inc. in Cedarhurst, New York.  I gained tremendous experience working there as a Design Assistant, shadowing three amazing Interior Designers.  There, we worked with fabrics, furniture, accessories, wallpapers, tiles, carpeting, and even kitchen cabinetry and counter tops.  When clients came in, we were able to help them with an entire renovation in one sitting.  This experience has helped me become a well-rounded Interior Designer.

Tracy Interview 4

Above:  Favorite tile look at the moment – Subway Tiles, photo via Pinterest, see more here.

Your role as an Interior Designer is to assist others create their dream spaces, but what is your personal style that you create in your own home?

Mid-century, Scandinavian, eclectic, modern, traditional…yeah that’s my personal style! (I’m allowed to have more than one right?)  I guess one style I am particularly LOVING at the moment is Scandinavian, but I am obsessed with mid-century pieces!  Yeah, my styles kind of all over the place, but that’s good for my clients because they’ll get the best input on any style they’d like to flood their dream home with.

Which designers or creative professionals do you love at the moment?

Jonathan Adler!  If you want the eclectic look, he’s the guy to look at for inspiration. I am obsessed with his use of texture throughout a space, between the prints and the velvets and the colours!  I’d love for him to give my entire home a makeover!

Tracy Interview John Adler

Above:  Design by Jonathan Adler

Where do you get your inspiration from and what design resources would you recommend to readers of this blog?

Most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest, Houzz, and Tumblr.  I recommend checking out those sites because they have such a wide range of EVERYTHING.  I love to create looks based on different images from each of these sites by taking one element from each photo and incorporating it into my own design.

Tracy Interview 2

Above:  Tracy loves the elegant simplicity and comfort element of this lounge room – photo via Pinterest

What would be your dream design project?

Dream project?  My own, of course!  My dream design project would be to build my very own multi-million dollar mansion, large enough to host every family party!  Dream big, right?  Building from the ground up, to literally design everything in the building of a home, MY home, and have it MY way!  It’d obviously cost a fortune because I naturally have expensive taste.

Tracy Interview 3

Above:  Hampton style homes resonate with Tracy, photo via Pinterest, see more here.

What can you do for a TILE junket customer attending a CONCEPT CONSULT?

As an Interior Designer, our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.  We will satisfy the client’s vision for their space.  If the client doesn’t know what that vision is, we will help guide them to achieve a desired result.  Most clients have trouble visualising tiles, or fabrics, or furniture in their space, our job is to help them see the image clearly and LOVE what they will be living with.  The selection process could be stressful but interior designers are here to help and relieve some of that overwhelming stress!

By Hayley Norman

Enquire about a complimentary CONCEPT CONSULT with Tracy for your tile project.  Book online here and you’ll receive a FREE bottle of Chandon at the end of your appointment to share with your friends.



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