Timber Tiles – Exclusive Designer Range Available in Geelong

Timber Tiles: New tile designs, all shapes and colours.  

Ever since these were seen on ‘The Block’, interest in this product has sky rocketed.  Available in European settings for years, these beauties have hit Australian shores and Geelong finally has an exclusive range.


Timber Tiling provides an eco-friendly alternative to real timber”

Over the past 15 years, sales of timber flooring have vastly increased often at the expense of the ceramic tiles.  The downside to real timber floors is obviously the increasing sustainability issues, wear and tear, maintenance and durability.  The initial advantage of savings in the long run is overshadowed by these areas, however research has proven that the extensive replication of timber tiles far out way the initial savings of laying real timber and provide a long-term solution.
The replica timber tiles are beautifully created involving advanced digital ink jet printing ensuring the tiles look increasingly authentic.

Benefits of tile verses hard wood timber are:

  • They will outlast real timber
  • No trees are felled
  • Tile will not burn or omit potential harmful VOC’s
  • Under floor heating will not warp tile, but may affect timber
  • Extending tiling to external decks means no more maintenance
  • Not easily damaged or marked in comparison to timber


Not only are tiles a more durable floor covering, but they can also be placed in wet areas, bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms which gives the timber look tiles a place of superiority over real timber.  Timber tiles, now featured in design magazines are fast becoming a fashion statement and recent sales of the timber tile strongly indicate bathroom showers can certainly feature a timber look tile appearing as the authentic item.

By Hayley Norman

TILE junket showcase the best tiles available in Australia from around the globe, right here in Geelong.  Book your complimentary CONCEPT CONSULT for designer assistance, no obligations and customised concepts for your project.  See more timber look tile concepts on Pinterest.


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