Tile Designs to Inspire – Hexagonal Tiles & Patterns

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Hexagonal tiles (aka hex), have been around for centuries and are still as popular as ever in traditional and contemporary applications.

A regular hexagon has 6 sides with all sides the same length.  As pattern and geometry continue to dominate the design scene, you can expect to see many beautiful hexagonal tile products hitting our showroom.

These concepts caught our eye and hope to inspire you…


Above:  Trending pastel palette with brass tap ware – so hot right now.  Image via Pinterest

hex pattern

Above:  Mosaic hexagonal tiles in three shades forming a larger intricate hexagonal pattern.  Image via Pinterest 


Above:  Small dark blue floor mosaics with marble wall subway tiles & brass fixtures.  Image via Pinterest


Above:  Mix beautiful hues with complimenting patterned tiles for a visual delight.  Image via Pinterest


Above:  A creative & playful way to visually divide living zones, image via Pinterest


Above:  Create the hexagonal pattern with diamond shaped tiles.  There are some stunning products with beautiful textures and colours available and the possible concept designs are endless.  Image via Pinterest.


Above:  Optical illusions – these diamond format tiles in differing shades create a 3D hexagonal pattern.  Image via Pinterest


Above:  Gone are glass splashbacks, in are tiles!  Mable mosaic hexagonal tiles are a timeless choice.  Image via Pinterest.


Above:  Beautifully patterned wall hexagonal tiles somewhat reminiscent of Blue Willow China matched with a complimenting solid colour floor hex tile.  Bathroom by The Block’s Matt & Kim.  Image via Pinterest.


Above:  Wow – need we say more?  Image via Pinterest.

Whatever your project and style, there will be a hexagonal tile for you.  Be creative with patterns and textures or make that matt white hex tile pop with coloured grout.  Continue your inspiration on Pinterest.

By Hayley Norman

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