Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia

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Geelong embraces Design & Art

Geelong’s design and art scene is booming.  The people of Geelong are more than ever embracing the arts and increasing their appreciation of quality design.  This is evident in the number of new galleries, homeware stores, trendy cafes and restaurants popping up within our region.  We are also seeing new building developments in Geelong that are becoming design landmarks in their own right.

Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia2

 Above:  Boom Gallery, 11 Rutland Street, Newtown

Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast are home to many talented artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs.  Some of these innovative people are sharing their passion by creating collectives, pop up shops and inspiring others to contribute and invest in our growing arts culture.

These days our society embraces individuality, allowing people to have confidence in their choices be it fashion, home design or any other form of personal expression.  Because of this, we are seeing more innovative, unique products; people are daring to be different.

Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia4

Above:  Photo via Pinterest, tiles available instore at TILE junket

Popular TV renovation shows have been a huge influence on our industry in recent times, again sparking confidence in our customer to step outside the square.

Just as the circle of design works, trends evolve and are reinvented, but we never compromise on quality.  We are seeing more customers favouring graphic and decorative tiles in our showroom, and looking for unique products for their home.

Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia3

Above:  Image via Pinterest, create this look with the Design Team at TILE junket.  See more of this apartment here.

We know you want to see the hottest tile products for your home here in Geelong, so that’s what you will get.  Our showroom has exclusive access within Geelong to some of the best products available in Australia.  When visiting our Tile and Stone Showroom you can expect to see products you would normally only find in Melbourne or Sydney.

Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia5

Above:  Photo via Pinterest, tiles available in our showroom at TILE junket.

Here in our showroom you will find amazing products reminiscent of the beauty we see in nature, places and pieces that influence the designer at heart.

Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia6

Above:  Patricia Urquiola, designer for Mutina.  Tiles available in our showroom, see more here.

So why does Geelong have the best tiles in Australia? Because you want them and we deliver – we aim to please.

Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia7

Above:  Ceramic timber look tiles available in our showroom, see more here.

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