Design Principles – 3 Movement (Series, 3 of 6)

Read Paulina Bird’s (House of Bird) insights into the 6 Principles of Design and how applying these principles can influence a successful design and create beautiful spaces.  This Six Part Series breaks the design mystery down to its most simple and most easily understood elements – a must for any design enthusiast.

Movement as a Design Principle simply means a visual trail that the eye follows, be it in bathroom or as a single object such as patterned fabric, furniture or a collection of home wares placed in a room.


It is the combination of elements that guide the viewer around the room and can begin and end with the dominant element.  This helps keep the eye moving constantly around.

Before and after

The opposite to movement it to be static or still.  The emphasis on a scheme that lacks movement is to be in an environment that lacks life.  Have you ever been in a room that makes you feel uncomfortable and wondered why?  Some schemes merely co exist and have pieces that are functional but feel stagnant.  Give the room a coat of paint, add pieces that work in harmony yet with interest and accessorize with colour that has balance and the room takes on another personality.


Make the eyes trail.

Movement makes our eyes trail over all the items adding energy and vitality.  Artists need their paintings to have movement in order to capture an audience and let’s face it, movement is part of life, it means we are alive.

Basic again?  Yes!  To distinguish a basic principle and explore its meaning adds meaning to our lives.

As most of you have probably realised by now, if you read my blogs, I have an appreciation for life and all it offers.  Each day can be basic and repetitive.  The sun rises, it rains, we eat, sleep and carry out a routine, but marvel at each aspect and commit to the wonder of it all and suddenly life has passion and is a gift rather than a privilege.

Different items in the same colour or variation of colour add movement and introducing interesting pieces of decor adds character and life to a room.  Looking at Anita’s bathroom tiles (below) shows the movement in texture and interest by simply adding a row of mosaics in a horizontal line along one wall in the bathroom.  The room comes alive, has a focus of interest and flows (moves) the eye around the room.  We have had some great comments on this simple scheme.  This speaks for itself, adding movement brings life and character, be it in texture, colour or interesting pieces.

Movement 3

Happy Designing.

By Paulina Bird

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