Amazing Tiles from Around the World Found In Geelong

The world of tiles is a big place. These are just a few of the stunning styles from across the globe that you can find here at TILEjunket.


spanish tiles
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Greatly influenced by Islamic culture, the first European country to use glazed tiles was Spain. As vibrant and colourful as the Spanish night life, these tiles are also durable and long-lasting. High-quality artisan tiles like these were once used to decorate the floors and ceilings of churches and palaces and can now be found in homes and cafes throughout the country.


morrocan tiles

Possibly the most well-known artisan tile throughout the world, Moroccan tiles have avoided the influence of much technology over the years. With a unique method known as Zellige, these tiles are hand crafted using a series of patterns that vary in colour. This type of method takes years to master, making Moroccan tiles extremely valuable. The tiles reflect the culture and history of Morocco, and much like in Spain, can be found decorating the floors and ceilings of holy places, town squares, fountains, and homes.


French Provincial

french tiles
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What exactly is French provincial? Well it refers to the style of French homes during the 17th and 18th century. The materials used to make the tiles are often local with colours from the area like cobalt, azure, reds, and yellows for a rustic feel. These tiles are famous for their refined and unassuming appearance. Many French Provincial tiles have eclectic decorative motifs such as flowers, fruit, and wheat. These motifs all have a meaning. For example, shells stand for fertility, grapes and wheat meant prosperity and fruits and flowers meant divine grace.



persian tiles
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Perhaps the oldest tile from our trip around the world, Iranian tiles go back to prehistoric periods. In ancient Iran many monuments were decorated with a mosaic tile pattern, the first step in decoration. These tiles often developed into an image such as animals, plants or humans.

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