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Mapei’s Ultracolor has been around for a while now, but amazingly only a small percentage of tilers are using it and barely any people building/renovating even know it exists.  Here are the basics…

Ultracolor Plus“Fast setting and drying grout for 2 to 20 mm joints, available in 26 colours; does not produce efflorescence” -data sheet

MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE PERSONAL HOUSE CLEANING MAIDSUltracolor Plus Black Interestingly, once we explain the product to customers when they are looking for tiles for their home, knowing that this product exists often influences their tile choice (they get pick the ones they really wanted) – why? Simple – people hate cleaning, and grout means more cleaning yeah? Well… maybe not any more.

AESTHETICALLY, GROUT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE WEAKEST LINK Technology advances are serving us well. Without repeating the info on the Data Sheet HERE (Tilers check it out, some of the stats will surprise you), this stuff is like a ‘Super Grout’, and we’re confident that once you use it, you’ll want all your customers to request it.

COVERAGE Of course, coverage is dependant on the size of the joint, however most tilers are “…surprised just how far it goes…” Considering the specs say useful for grout joints ‘2 to 20mm’ this truly is a one size fits all product. For coverage guide see the data sheet below. Ultracolor Plus Yellow

OK – SO WHAT ABOUT EPOXY? Epoxy still reigns from above in the kingdom of premium grouting products (except when you want white… it seems no manufacturer has been able to figure out how to make a truly white epoxy yet). However, costs (and the skill of the tiler) still make most epoxy grout solutions prohibitively expensive. The Ultracolor Plus product provides a fantastic result, and at a fraction of the cost of buying and installing an epoxy grout product. For more info ask in-store.

MAPEI – COMPLETE SYSTEMS If you’re not familiar with the Mapei range of products, check them out HERE.  We think the products are world class.

PACKAGING Ultracolor Plus Blue 5 kg bags – We have most colours in stock at all times – call ahead to confirm.  Mapei Ultracolor Plus is the only grout we would use in our own homes, and is the only grout that we recommend and specify.

Data Sheet Here <<<< MSDS Here <<<< Oh, and before anyone asks – no, you don’t need to wear gloves any-more than you would when using regular grout.

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