A Tile Selection Inspired by Travel – Local Project, Point Lonsdale

Inspiration is everywhere – many are inspired by travel, different cultures, lifestyles and design.

Travelling brings a sense of freedom, appreciation, wonder and some destinations resonate with us more than others.  We return with photos and souvenirs evoking memories.  Surrounding ourselves in beautiful things that are reminiscent of times travelled is a romantic way to reflect on your travels and share stories with family and friends.  

Many of today’s trending tiles and textiles are influenced by stunning patterns, colours and designs seen from all over the world and characterised by different cultures.  Tracy, resident Interior Designer met with a client today assisting with a selection representing the essence of France.  Over to Tracy…

The Project

Living overseas, my client and her husband booked their Concept Consult appointment online prior to their whirlwind trip back to Australia for a week.  They were challenged with making decisions and arrangements for their new build during their week home.  Their plan is to relocate back to Australia in a few years time.  Today I assisted them selecting tiles for their laundry splashback and bathroom.  Going forward all contact will be through their builder and architect whilst they reside overseas.

The Design Brief

My client and her family have travelled and lived all over the world.  They love the French style and wanted to incorporate it into their home, but wanted to ensure it would still appeal to their tastes when they move in (not for a few years).

For the laundry splashback we chose a mix of 4 colours (blue and teal family) square (100 x 100) ceramic tiles which will be laid randomly.  The bathroom selection we chose a simple honed cream coloured tile for the floor and walls, with an accent wall of a French/Moroccan/Deco styled mix of pattern and colour tiles.


Above:  Laundry splashback selection


Above:  Bathroom tile selection – feature accent wall of patterned tiles

Where have you travelled?  Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Bali?  Incorporate the characteristics of your favourite destination into your home with beautiful tiles.  You’ll feel a world away from home and straight back on holidays.  Enjoy more concepts from our Wanderlust Pinterest board.

By Hayley Norman

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