Circle of Design – Evolving and Reinventing

Ever thought where the latest design fad comes from?

Each era in history has a distinct dress code, architectural theme and artistic hero.  We are able to define the history period simply by a building, artefact or the clothing worn in that particular era.


The Circle of Design is distinct in its evolutionary capacities; it is forever changing, drawing from the past influences and reappearing in another version of itself combined with the current influences.  How fascinating.  This leaves so much scope for new designs to be continuously developed stretching the limits into the next generation and leaving its mark to be forever identified as that era’s statement.

We are in an era in the 21st Century that is revolutionary.

The world is a frail place and our Ecological environment is drawing our attention.  Just note the changing weather patterns this year in Europe and across the USA.  We are conscious of saving our planet, conserving water, seeking to recycle and inventing better ways at preserving our beautiful world.  All this has an impact on Design.

The fad for handmade and natural anything is at an all time high.

Foliage prints are taking centre stage as well as the use of timber, be it in a ceramic porcelain replica or natural state, it echoes our natural world.  Add the introduction of colour and pattern and you have a very distinct design ethic appearing across our design palette.


Closer to today, the Retro fad is dominating the arena at the moment.  Take a leaf from “Home Beautiful” 1972 and there we are, all the inspiration possible, revamped and brought into today’s Lounge Room.  Suddenly that 60’s and 70’s chair is a valuable item and makes a design statement in 2014, add a foliage print designed by Florence Broadhurst  in the 60’s and it is cleverly intertwined with today’s look.



All design trends have influences from the past.  What sets each trend apart from the next is almost guesswork even with the prediction of world design gurus.  While trends can be influenced by design leaders, what we draw inspiration from is our current environment be that politically or even culturally.

Florence Broadhurst fabric

Delving into our Past

If we were not able to delve into the past to gain inspiration and creative thinking then where would our design profile stand today? It simply would not or we would be reinventing the very concepts we are gaining inspiration from ourselves.  Sounds like double Dutch?  A simple illustration is just a thought away such as who invented the circle, or the mathematical equation of a triangle or who discovered how to build a pyramid?  If you are into designing then the fundamental mathematical basis used in all design procedures are based in the Design Principles.

This all relates to our every day design process such as drawing plans and design components and I make that statement knowing full well that the cornerstone of design is not only drawn from nature but also very much in tune with fundamental science and mathematics. As humans we are forever grasping new concepts and ideas, formulating them into inventions, science, the arts and gaining a new perspective on old ideas.

The effects of Technology

The advancement of technology has far exceeded our everyday expectations.  No one could have predicted what we, in the year 2014 are faced with.  An information overload exists into every area of our lives on a daily basis.  We are heading into unknown territory with little direction for stability and control.  If our minds are continuously bombarded with new and upgraded systems in technology then we need to keep inventing new strategies to learn, cope, change old patterns and forever cling to the concepts that to live in this decade, life is full of rapidly changing alternatives.

Some how that does not compute with the very human ethics we are all born with, regardless of our education or race.  The simple human desire to invent and make one’s own mark will continue to flourish in our world of design and continue in this ever changing circle.  This is what real design is all about.

By Paulina Bird

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