The Future Of The Building Industry: You Think Our Buildings Are Going Up Fast?

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What can you accomplish in 360 hours? Check this out..

Most people generally think that time lapse videos are pretty cool. But the builder/renovator inside us all will appreciate this one. 15 days. We all know China is growing at a fast rate, but did you realise it was quite this fast?

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Modular construction is still in its relative infancy in here in Oz – makes you wonder how long it will be until this type of activity takes place in our backyard.  Who really knows how long these types of constructions will last?  Chinese industry reports indicate that domestic building expectation is only est 10-15yrs – we may think that is low but compare that to what it means to have a ‘lifetime guarantee’ here in Australia which under many definitions falls between 7 & 10 years.  Either way, things are happening fast.

Enjoy the clip..


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Broad Group, a Chinese construction company previously famous for building a 15 storey building in a week have now upped their record – to a 30 storey building in just 15 days.

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