Why Geelong has the Best Tiles in Australia

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Geelong embraces Design & Art

Geelong’s design and art scene is booming.  The people of Geelong are more than ever embracing the arts and increasing their appreciation of quality design.  This is evident in the number of new galleries, homeware stores, trendy cafes and restaurants popping up within our region.  We are also seeing new building developments in Geelong that are becoming design landmarks in their own right.

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HERRINGBONE: The pattern for petite places & special spaces

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Interior Designers LOVE it!

“I love herringbone, I LOVE IT,” says Darren Palmer, Interior Designer and judge of The Block Glasshouse about Daz and Dee’s parquetry floor in their study reveal.

Shaynna said the pair had taken a smaller space and used it very well, proving a small space isn’t necessarily a bad space.
“It’s what you do with it that makes it good and they’ve done really, really well,” she said.

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The Best Tiles In Australia Are Now Here In Geelong - Booked Your Tour Yet? Learn More