10 Inspiring Ways to use Subway Tiles in your Home

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Subway tiles, traditionally white, but today there are an array of colours, textures and finishes for all interior styles.

Named after the ceramic tiles used on the walls of New York subway stations in the early twentieth century, subway tiles continue to be popular in homes and commercial spaces around the world.  Creative applications and placement of subway tiles can create a unique look to your space, all it takes is a bit of inspiration to get you on your way. Read More

Renovating 1930’s Art Deco Home – Local Project Selection

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We often meet with clients renovating old period homes…

It’s important to learn as much as possible about the character defined by the era of the home you’re renovating.  Colour schemes and design elements are important when renovating a period home, so if are unsure of the right direction to take, it’s best to consult a professional designer.  Put your trust in someone who has the knowledge to help you make the right selection for your home and love the result! Read More

A Tile Selection Inspired by Travel – Local Project, Point Lonsdale

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Inspiration is everywhere – many are inspired by travel, different cultures, lifestyles and design.

Travelling brings a sense of freedom, appreciation, wonder and some destinations resonate with us more than others.  We return with photos and souvenirs evoking memories.  Surrounding ourselves in beautiful things that are reminiscent of times travelled is a romantic way to reflect on your travels and share stories with family and friends.   Read More

GET THE LOOK – The Hamptons, from a New Yorkers Point of View

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The Hamptons is flooded with elegant, coastal calming style.

Mainly being a vacation spot to many New Yorkers, Hampton’s homes are cozy, bright and airy.  Most of the homes are situated on the beach creating an even more relaxing atmosphere.  Take it from someone who has visited and created some of these luxurious homes, the Hamptons is THE place to be when you need a relaxing vacation! Read More

Tiled Splashbacks are Back!!! Get your Feature Tile Fix at TILE junket

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Gone are glass panels; in are beautiful tiles…

Seen in home living magazines, renovation shows including The Block, many architecturally designed homes and new displays within Geelong and surrounding areas.  Designer tiles are dominating splashbacks.  Gorgeous glazed tiles, geometric patterns and textures, we love it and so do our customers.  Designs for your inspiration… Read More

Take the guesswork out of your tile project & plan ahead – Set your Design Brief

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In our previous blog post ‘Working with a Design Brief’, we highlighted the benefits of clarifying your project vision and using a designer.

Designers consider important factors that will influence the outcome of your project and without their involvement,  elements may be overlooked and miss the mark on your desired result.  That’s why we’re here, assisting you create your dream space with confidence. Read More

Achieve the Best Result for your Tile Project – Working with a Design Brief

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Working with a design brief enables a successful result that meets the client’s requirements for their dream space.  But who is the best to fulfill the brief – at TILE junket we say entrust the professionals – our Design Team.

In an industry that beckons design to be incorporated within the sales consultant role, often the reality is far removed from the ideal.  More and more we are becoming aware of the benefits of stylish design choices and professional help.  Having a qualified Design Team in-house is a very available asset and needs to be recognised for its enormous benefits. Read More

Meet Hayley – Marketing Assistant at TILE junket, Geelong West

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To many I’m known as the one with creative flair, with an artistic eye and talent for graphic design.  You’ll find me behind the glare of my laptop, with a cup of tea and ready for a challenge.

During the past two weeks I have interviewed the TILE junket team providing an insight on what makes them tick and their inspirations. Today it’s all about me, time to talk about myself (that my mum would say is an easy task) and share with you a taste of working with the BEST TEAM in the world (ha that will get me brownie points) at TILE junket.  Meet Hayley, aka me… Read More

Meet Jean – Showroom Administrator at TILE junket, Geelong West

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What are we going to do without Jean?!  Jean aka Genius, is in fact leaving us soon – why, because her fiancé is whisking her away interstate to live happily ever after.

Jean has a wealth of experience at the TILE junket showroom, from assisting in Concept Consult appointments, preparing quotes, supplier liaison and she does it well.  Jean’s quiet nature is not to be underestimated – she is passionate and head strong, has a Bachelor in Design (Architecture), with a creative yet methodical mind.  It is with great pleasure I introduce Jean… Read More

Top Tips on Bathroom Lighting with Sonic Lighting, Geelong

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Bathroom lighting is not to be overlooked, it will add functionality and appeal to any space when done correctly.  Let your bathroom shine and bask in its glow.

Our bathroom is a place of refuge after a long day, a place of tasks to maintain our physical appearance, cleaning, washing the kids, the list goes on.  Bathroom lighting plays a major role in how we perform these tasks.  I speak to the experts at Geelong’s Sonic Lighting on the best ways to incorporate lighting within your bathroom. Read More

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