pat-tern {Noun – A repeated decorative design}

Read how pattern influences our lives, environment and decorating.
Pattern is at the very fibre of our existence.  It seems a strange thing to actually say, but our very human form relates to patterns.The way we look, speak, walk, move and breathe, even our heart beat, they all form a repetitive pattern.  Environmentally we are controlled by patterns such as day and night, weather, tides, weeks and years.

Primitive Art is a prime example of man’s obsession with the use of patterns.  This is very obvious in Aboriginal Art.  The patterns form a story and relate to everyday rhythms of life.  They define a culture.

Design Principles used by designers also capture the very essence of these phenomena’s, such as rhythm, repetition and balance.  I will elaborate on these Principles at a later stage.

Patterns give us a sense of comfort and predictability.  In our homes patterns emerge in many surfaces; fabrics, dinnerware and tiles are just a few examples.  They also speak and define an era such as Art Deco and add excitement and movement to any colour scheme.

Pattern Tile5

Interior Design is continuously changing and reinventing itself.  The changing tide is happening in the 2nd decade of the twenty first century as we turn from a bland and uniform design ethic to a more interesting and diverse way of designing.  As we have previously discussed, pattern will link hand in hand with the reinvention of Colour use in Design so be blown away by adding exciting accessories and homewares to your schemes.Casa

Feature walls in patterned tiles both in kitchens and bathrooms are emerging as a strong design concept.  Remember, pattern does not necessarily mean a coloured busy scheme; pattern can also be just a texture of one colour.  This looks superb when complimented with the same colour surface in the room.The block hex3

I have included images of tile patterns that are just about to take Australia by storm.  Some of these are already available. Stay tuned for more on Design Principles.

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