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TILE junket fills it’s shelves with beautiful tiles

Last year we set for ourselves a serious challenge: find the most beautiful tiles in Australia and bring them to Geelong.  Why?  We were tired of the rubbish that suppliers were offering.  We were disappointed with the bland & boring products on offer when we knew that the world is full of amazing products.  We were tired of being dictated to by suppliers.  We were tired of Geelong being treated like a 3rd rate location.  You wanted more, we could see it on your face when you browsed through our showroom.



Then… the planets started to align…

Just as Italy was finally starting to wake up from it’s apparent ‘GFC’ slumber, and China was running out of ideas to copy – and oh boy were they pumping out some rubbish – the planets aligned.  You see although what had unfolded over the past few years was fascinating to those of us in the industry, it was not much fun or very exciting for anybody interested in design, designer tiles, or pretty things in general.


A little background

Global economy slows down.  Italians get upset because no-one wants to buy all their beautiful tiles, so instead of figuring it out early and adjusting accordingly, they shut down production lines, hit the vino & pasta and attempt to ride out the financial storm. Months pass.  Still no stock is moving.  Real problems here… Solution?  Sell the tile making machines!!  ‘What a great idea!’ someone exclaims.  Yes, that’s right, sell half the production line.  Now anybody awake and aware of global happenings during the last 5 years will already know the next bit.  The only real cheque writing country (…ahem… China…) buys up the tech, reverse engineers it, improves it and bingo – the world is suddenly swimming in products of, quite frankly, reasonable quality.


All is nice & affordable

Great quality products, great low prices – great for all.  However… although quality & capacity in the tile industry had moved away from the traditionally associated countries – design and style did not travel with it.


Europe – Wake Up!

Finally, Australia’s best (and greatest risk taking) importers started bringing in – piece by piece – beautiful designer tiles, and we started seeing the creative genius and pure inspiration that only a design drought can cook up.  Pattern.  Colour.  Striking lines, bold shapes, throw-backs to long held traditional techniques but with modern technology.

We made a serious effort to scour Australia’s design capitals, find the best and bring them here.  The most beautiful tiles we could find Australia wide.  We wanted inspiration for ourselves, for each other, and for you – our customer.


No more boring.  No more bland.  No more questionable quality.  Just great products.

Welcome back style and design – we’ve missed you.

By Patrick Sgro

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