Quality Design & Tile Products in Geelong – 10 Reasons why you should go for Quality

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More than ever our customers are touching, feeling and appreciating tile products.

Tile design has evolved dramatically and there are so many amazing textures and finishes that make you want to get all touchy-feely.  A customer said to me the other day “You can feel the difference, you can feel the quality”.

So how important is quality to you? 

Here are 10 reasons why you should go for quality every time.

1.       Investment

Your home is probably the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  It is an investment.  Adding quality to your home will always be an asset to the value of your investment.


2.       Durability

With quality comes less maintenance and breakage which will save you money in the long run.


3.       Design

Quality products are designed by those best in the industry.  You can be sure that every aspect imperative to quality has been thought of.  Be aware there are replications of designer products which are inferior to the original and often overpriced considering they are a ‘knock off’.


4.       Better Colour Choices

With quality tiles come better printing processes and finishes providing beautiful colour options for your home and choice.


5.       Unique

Quality designed products are innovated to provide unique solutions and concepts for consumers.  People looking for a point of difference or wanting to express themselves and their home in a unique way, one that wholeheartedly resonates with them individually.


6.       Finishes & Textures

Tiles will always reflect their quality in their finish.  Popular on the market are ceramic timber look tiles, but only quality products will feel authentic.  Again, quality products are innovative with textures designed by artists and designers inspired by their desire to be unique.



7.       Installation

With quality tile and stone products, believe it or not, tilers will get a better result with installation, resulting in a quality finish for your tile project and space.


8.       Style

Some may say quality is timeless.  Think of it this way, beautiful architecture or art will always be in style because of the quality and technique in which it is produced.  Iconic furniture and design is stylish.  A beautiful quality natural stone tile will stand the test of time.


9.       Luxury

Quality is luxurious.  Selecting quality tile products are to be enjoyed and appreciated.  The feeling of luxury and pride is priceless when living in your new space, using your new bathroom or kitchen. Admiration from guests, family and friends is what we all secretly strive for and relish in.


10.   Longevity

Quality tile products will physically last longer than inferior products.  It’s a given.  Again this is going to save you money in the long run and less likely any requirement to replace.


Quality doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget.  There are many competitively priced tile products that are quality and with some design advice you can create ‘wow’ with any budget.  Quality is value and brings so much to the table that it should be on your priority list for your next tile project.

By Hayley Norman

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